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postpartum weight loss


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Postpartum weight loss has never been easy for quite a large number of women. With the arrival of a baby, most ladies rapidly find themselves totally swamped with the overwhelming new responsibilities that parenthood brings. This makes it extremely difficult for most of them to effectively watch their diet or even find the necessary time to adopt a practical weight loss exercise regimen. It is important to note that there is no magical pill for shedding off baby weight. Still, with appropriate eating habits and regular workouts, you can be able to get back your pre-pregnancy body. When it comes to the issue of dieting, new mothers require certain nutrients to maintain their health and that of their babies. So, extreme dieting is never the best long term solution. Here then are some handy tips that will enable you to adopt the ideal postpartum baby weight loss plan.

Never begin dieting too soon

Your body requires adequate time to fully recover from giving birth. Ideally, you should wait until your sixth week postpartum checkup, prior to starting to watch your caloric intake or any other postpartum weight loss attempts. If you make the decision to nurse your child, it is highly advisable to wait for him or her to turn 2 months old, prior to watching your eating habits. Commencing a strict weight loss diet way too soon will prolong your recovery and make you feel tired as well. Also, if you are breastfeeding your baby, a strict dieting plan can adversely affect your milk production.

Be realistic about your postpartum weight loss objectives

It is always pertinent to remember than many women are usually unable to return to their pre-pregnancy shapes or weights. Pregnancy, in most cases than not, triggers drastic changes to your body. This includes developing a softer tummy, wider hips and even a thicker waistline. Bearing this in mind, you ought to formulate realistic weight loss objectives to prevent being frustrated and disillusioned.

A regular workout regimen is important too

Like it was earlier mentioned, there is no magical solution for postpartum weight loss success. However, a healthy diet in conjunction with a moderate, regular workout regimen will allow you to shed off those extra pounds in a stress-free manner. Yet, it is vital when attempting to lose weight to make sure that you only lose fat rather than muscle mass. So, even if you are very busy with your new responsibilities, try to find time to integrate exercise sessions in your regular schedule. All in all, you should start by eating less and being more physical active. Even a walk around the neighbourhood with you baby in a stroller can be very helpful.


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postpartum weight loss