Why Trigger Point Therapy?

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What Is Trigger Point Therapy?

trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy is a type of pain alleviating massage treatment that has rapidly gained popularity among chiropractors, physical therapists and osteopathic practitioners globally. Essentially, a trigger point happens to be an extremely tender spot found in the body. Very often it develops in isolated regions within specific muscle groups on the shoulders, back and even hips.

Trigger points are known to cause intense pain on other regions of the body from a distance from themselves, when stimulated. In some cases, they can be seen visibly as knots or taut bands of muscle fibres. What makes trigger points to be of great clinical importance is the triple threat they can pose. They can trigger excruciating pain, complicate other pre-existing pain challenges and even mimic the effects of other pain issues.

Fortunately, this is where trigger point therapy comes into the picture. Depending on the exact site of pain experienced by the patient, the therapist makes them lie down. Mind you, in a manner which will not aggravate any other trigger points that might be found in the patient’s body. While also enabling the therapist to fully focus his or her attention on the affected area of the body.

The therapist will then proceed by meticulously going through the patient’s body to locate the specific areas where the trigger point/s are situated. This process often causes a lot of discomfort to the patient, particularly when there are more than one trigger points in their bodies. After determining the affected region, the therapist will then utilize a number of finger massage techniques. Through which he or she will exert varying pressure on and around the trigger point.

This goes a long way in effectively breaking down the build-up of the troublesome knot(s). The exact size of the trigger point determines the number of treatment sessions the patient will be subjected to. Therefore, you may end up going through several trigger point therapy massage sessions to guarantee that the whole trigger point will be totally deactivated.

Why Would it be used?

When contrasted with other massage therapies which treat pain, this one limits itself to specific parts of the body. That is, those particular areas that cause pain to flare up. This makes it arguably the very best method of pain management and treatment, which is currently in existence.


The benefits of having it done

Trigger point therapy

Examples of trigger points on the torso.

Naturally, there is a wide variety of advantages for settling for the trigger point therapy when compared to other alternative massage pain treatment. Let us now take a closer look at some of the most notable of these benefits:

Fully customised pain treatment massages – This pain alleviation massage technique is highly noted for been very specific to all individual patients and the exact areas they experience discomfort. This is a very stark contrast from most other massage therapies of this nature that deal with physical pain. Most of which are generally broad based and cannot be personalized for every individual patient’s circumstances.

The duration is shorter than most alternatives – Massage therapists and chiropractors that specialize in trigger point therapy pain alleviating massages are trained to know how to pinpoint knots and very taut muscle fibres. This definitely means they can also effectively determine just which massage technique to employ to be able to release these muscles for each individual patient. As such, the length of these massage sessions have been proven to be drastically shorter than most other alternatives currently in the market. As is often the case, quite a large number of patients begin to experience immense relief even after just a single session.

It’s massages release toxins found in the body – The process of loosening trigger points is in an excellent position of releasing the build-up of toxins, which accumulate on and around the affected muscles. This is the main reason why all reputable therapists who perform this pain treatment massage, usually advice their patients to rehydrate themselves after each session. Which ensures that such toxins can be efficiently execrated from the patients’ systems.

Trigger point therapy facilitates for a natural management of pain resulting from chronic injuries – Finally, it is important to take note of the fact that receiving trigger point therapy massages on a regular basis can greatly assist in the natural and proper management of pain. This is especially true when it comes to individuals who might have sustained chronic physical injuries.