How To Treat Muscle Spasms

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How To Treat Muscle Spasms And Prevent Them

Motion and force are critical to the life of any living organism. In simple terms, you cannot survive or thrive if you cannot move in search of food, adventure, or safety among other reasons. Your muscles are responsible for motion and force in your body. They help you when it comes to lifting objects, applying pressure, and moving. The normal human body has about 650 skeletal muscles and without them, your body cannot function. In fact, you cannot go on with life as usual at any moment in time even if one of them halts temporarily. Unfortunately, this temporary halt in muscle activity happens quite often. The most common problem is muscle spasm which is the involuntary muscle contraction accompanied by a lot of pain. Here is how to treat muscle spasms.

Stop the activity, rest, and stretch

Many people believe that muscle spasms only happen to athletes and people whose work is physically challenging. That is not the case. It can happen to anyone at any time though it happens most frequently in people who are physically active. Do not feel surprised if it happens to you as you walk down the street or playing a round of golf. Instead, stop whatever you are doing immediately so that you do not make it worse. Gently massage or rub the area affected by the spasm to increase blood flow to the muscle helping it to relax instead of contracting. Take a rest for an hour or two and then reduce your daily activity for the rest of the work so that you do not overwork the muscle. Stretching the muscle slowly and carefully is also a good idea. You should pull it in the opposite direction of the contraction.

Special treatment for back spasms

Back spasms normally occur in a person’s lower part. Apart from being painful, they are quite scary for those who experience them. Dealing with them is also difficult because they affect a sensitive part of the human body. These spasms result from muscle strain. However, they may also be a sign of an unnoticed anatomical problem so seeking your doctor’s advice is a good idea if they persist. First, wait for the spasm to subside then walk around while you keep your back straight. You should also lift your knees high as you walk. Put your hands over your head and raise them high. Then lie on your carpet floor with facing upwards and pull each knee to your chest in turn. You should also use a cold press or heating pad to stop the spasm completely.

Medication is available for muscle spasms

Before taking any medication, simply try to drink some water and electrolytes. These electrolytes include energy drinks and juices. If that does not help, then you can go for anti-inflammatory medication. This type of medication will limit any type of swelling on the affected muscle. If the spasms persist over time, then you should consider asking your doctor to advice you on the best muscle relaxers. Do not use muscle relaxers without the advice of your doctor because they can be addictive. Remember, you can prevent muscle spasms by drinking enough fluids regularly, eating well, stretching your body, and exercising. I do not personally recommend medication usually, it should only really be considered as a LAST resort.

I hope with this information you now know exactly how to treat muscle spasms. I know how painful it can be!

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