Home Remedies For Back Pain

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home remedies for back pain

Many of us suffer from pain in the back, usually affecting the lower back. This pain can affect your normal routine and it is essential to get immediate relief from it. It can be very annoying to suffer from this pain constantly. You need to find back pain relief to do the normal routine things that you do everyday.

There are some home remedies for back pain which can give you freedom from the daily discomfort. You absolutely hate it when you feel that dull, aching or stabbing pain in your back. In most cases, people simply take a painkiller when they feel these symptoms. Still, it has been proven that only the strongest oral medications can have some beneficial effect, which is short lasting. You can readily use some natural home remedies for back pain instead. All of them are topical, so you can apply them directly on the spot to get fast and effective relief.
Some of us think that the perfect back pain remedies are in the form of pills. Even if the pain is severe, there are more effective ways to get rid of the pain to prevent and cure this problem. It is important to first understand the cause of the problem. Sometimes the problem occurs if your back muscles have not been stimulated enough. It is thus important to walk and exercise to avoid this possibility.
Nowadays, people find relief from backache through many ways. Many people prefer to go to for massage which can give you great relief. Another method to get relief would be the use of heat pads. This heat compress is sure to give you relief for a short period by relaxing your muscles, however it is not long term.


Home Remedies For Back Pain

  1. Using medical grade alcohol, available in the drugstores, to treat the painful area is more than beneficial. This substance is usually diluted ethanol and it perfectly safe when applied topically. You need to dip a cotton ball into the alcohol and rub the substance into the skin over the aching spot. Use gentle massaging movements at first and increase the intensity gradually.You will feel an almost immediate relief. The alcohol warms the spot by attracting a greater blood flow to it, so you get to feel better straight away. In addition, this aids for the complete healing of the back pain. Repeat the treatment two to four times a day for as long as necessary. If you do not have a medical grade alcohol around and the pain is really strong, you can readily use any high alcohol drink that you have in your home.
    Topically applied garlic is also an effective backache home remedy. You can make a paste by crushing a handful of with a mortar and pestle. Alternatively, you can fry the cloves in around five ounces of oil. Rubbing the paste or oil into the skin of the aching area will produce quick and lasting relief. Treat the painful spot with such a remedy no more than five times a day.

home remedies for back pain2. Eucalyptus oil is in the super home remedies for back pain category for me. Massaging it into the affected area provides quick relief. Your muscles will also become more relaxed. Eucalyptus is also known for its anti-stress and healing properties, so you will feel better overall and the treatment will be enhanced.

3. Correct body posture: One of the back pain home remedies is that we ensure a proper body posture that will help heal the back problem even before they arise. We all must make sure to adopt the right body posture and movements while walking, sitting or doing any form of activity. Even sleeping in the right manner helps ease back problems. A good and firm mattress also provides the necessary support to the back.

4. Follow a daily exercise schedule: Exercise is important for strengthening of the muscles. Our back is made up of a stack of 26 bones joint together by ligaments, muscles and shock absorbing discs. Likewise, it becomes important that we follow a regular exercise schedule, which will help strengthen the back muscles. Always remember, a healthy and fit body will be more immune to any external strain and would consequently have more resilience capability.
Do regular stretching: Stretching the body at regular intervals is as important as a nutritious diet. Stretching the body makes it flexible and empowers it with a self-defending mechanism making it strong for any external sprain. Therefore, we must intercept work with frequent stretching modules that will help relax the back muscles making them less prone to pain.

Home Remedies For Back Pain – Tools

There are some inexpensive tools that you can invest in and follow them at home:

Exercise Mat- A simple method to follow some exercises at home is with the help of an exercise mat. These exercises will help strengthen your back muscles. Keep your mat covered with a towel and use it regularly to do your stretches and exercises.

home remedies for back painExercise Ball- This is also called as a Physio ball or a Swiss ball. It is easily available in the fitness stores and can also be purchased online. The exercise balls are inexpensive and are good for balance, coordination, flexibility and strengthening. It is a good option for backache sufferers. It not only helps to cure your present pain but also avoids any future occurrence of any low back pain.

Roman Chair- It is a type of hypertension bench. It is found in health clubs or gyms and can be kept at home for some vital exercises. The chair is good for extension exercises which are one of the most effective back pain exercises to strengthen your lower back muscles. Abdominal and back machines are also useful pieces of kit to use.