Time Hacks That Mums In Training NEED To Know

Posted By peakperformance

Routine exercises are critical in maintaining healthy functionality of your body systems. However, finding time for exercise routines can struggle especially for mothers. Squeezing out time for routine exercise may seem impossible especially for mothers who are always very busy. Before becoming moms, most women think that they are master multi-tasker as most of them can handle full-time jobs and still get time for routine exercises. However, once they are mothers, they get too busy to find time to get to the gym.

Apart from their full-time jobs, mothers have to attend to their kids, doctor’s appointments, household chores, school’s needs among other daily jobs. For that reasons, there is often little time to perform routine exercises. Here we discuss Top 5 Training Time Hacks that can make exercise a reality and priority among moms:

i. First Thing First:

Try to find time to exercise before the day runs out. You wait until, after work, you will never exercise as you will hardly get free time. There are always too many activities and commitments that come up. Most women we interviewed reveal that they hardly find time to exercise and the only way they find time is to fix a time that they can exercise. For instance, some have to wake up as early as 4.00 a.m. and exercise. They find that is the right time to weak up as they will be done with the workout before the kids wake up.

ii. Involve your kids in exercising: 

It is very hard to find time alone as a parent as most of the time you are with kids. Most of the women we interviewed during our studies informed us that they always struggle to find time to work alone without kids. However, some them have learned that finding time while you are with kids is almost impossible and they have embraced working with their kids. Most children like moving and involving them on routine exercises can also help to improve their ability to work. Things like resistance bands and balls are great for playing with children and as the children grow, the workout can be the bounding factor. There is always time to introduce a child to fitness and young children as old as 5 years can participate in a workout a few times a week. You can get your child something to do in your gym and as he performs her exercise you will get time to perform your exercises.

iii. Plan for your outfit but avoid worries about it:

Do not forget to plan about what you will be doing in the gym and remain committed to fulfilling your plans. This strategy works for most women, and it will remind them that they have work to complete on the gym. A good plan work as a motivator to work out as it will always help you figure out what you will do when you enter the gym. When you know exactly know what you want to do, you will fix a time and make it happen. A plan will help you to avoid time wastage and use the little available time to exercise. You will easily avoid wasting time on debating things like wardrobe choices. To make find enough time to work out, most women lays out her clothes for the following day the night before. Some even sleep on their workout clothes as this helps them to wake up for the workout as early as 5.00 a.m.

iv. make your workout worth it: 

Fixing a time for fitness in a busy schedule is very difficult and scratching out the time of exercise on your schedule is very easy. However, with well-planning priorities, you can get enough time to get sweat. Successful moms who spend up to 30 minutes informed us what they think about the exercises and how they would want to put their health as a second priority. Although spending time with your family should always remain a priority, finding enough time while you have a full-time job that involves travelling and blogging is very hard. During such situations, finding time to exercise may seem impossible. However, some women we interviewed informed us that making the exercise time worth is a trick that works well. If they decide to go to the gym for some minutes, instead of spending time with their children, the push very hard for the entire time. During the short time in the gym, incorporate a mix of workouts to maximize on building various parts of the body within the least time possible. Note that, living a healthy life is critical as it ensures that you are always healthy to help your children and work for them.

v. work smarter, Not harder:

While doing any work, avoid being robotic and try to think and always ask yourself whether there are some things that you can do more efficiently or eliminate them altogether. Managing your task does not mean squeezing as many tasks as possible into a single day. It is about simplifying your task, doing things faster and relieving stress. This will help you to create time for your children as well as find time to exercise. There is always enough time for everything, but it always needs to rearrange your time and re-image how you can handle different problems. You can find something for your kid and get to the gym. That way you can get 20 uninterrupted minutes to workout.


The workout is always a must even if your schedule is overflowing. Being a mother, you are always busy, but you have to sneak around and find time to work out. You can do 15 minutes strength training exercises when your kids are eating. You can find the children a movie they like and get to the treadmill and get to the gym. That will guarantee you a 20-minute uninterrupted workout. If you are super busy, you can divide your workout into two or three times. When you get a little time, push hard to maximise on the little available time and mix up the exercise to ensure that you are building different part of the body.