How to Start and Maintain a Morning Workout Routine

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Early Morning Workout Routine

It’s almost the spring equinox and that can only mean one thing… lighter mornings!

If you’ve been struggling to get your workout in over the cold, dreary winter then now is the time for you to restart any lost New Year’s resolution and have a fresh start. Spring is here and there’s no time like the present to start chasing down your health and fitness goals.

morning workout routineIf the thought of working out in the A.M. fills you with dread, then you need our handy guide on how to work out in the morning. So, grab a cuppa and let’s take you through.


You all know the saying ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’, and yup, you guessed it – that goes for your morning workouts too.

Do yourself a favour and get your workout clothes ready and laid out the night before, have your bag packed and any food and drink ready to go as soon as you wake up in the morning. Not only will it mean that you’re more likely to get up and go but it makes your mornings run a lot more smoothly. No one needs things to go wrong or to rush around looking for your trainers in the early hours of the morning before you’ve even left the house.

Clever preparation also includes eating right the night before to fuel you for your morning workout and getting a good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to include these in your overall routine, they’re very important to unlocking the success of your new regime.

Meal Prep

If you’re up at the crack of dawn, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to stomach breakfast so you’ve got a few choices, either do a fasted workout which is considered to help burn fat or have a coffee and/or protein shake before – both of which can give you a boost and help with that groggy morning feeling.

You’re also not very morning workout routinelikely to waste valuable workout or sleep time with making breakfast, so ensure you meal prep for the week or the night before.

Here at Peak Performance we love meal prepping to ensure we get enough calories and nutrients to help fuel our workouts and keep us functioning throughout the day.

This is especially true for the all-important post-workout meal. If you need to head straight to work after your workout, then prep your meal the night before. This makes you more efficient with your time and less likely to choose the sugary breakfast cereal bar as a quick fix when you’re on the go.


Energy Boosters

At first, you may feel tired by getting up early but eventually your body will balance out and you’ll experience heaps of energy from your morning workout routine.

If you do get a drop in energy, try to avoid the sugary snacks or artificial sweeteners for a quick pick me up, instead opt for snacks that will slowly release insulin keeping your energy balanced and your appetite satisfied. Of course, if all else fails, there is always coffee until you naturally find your energy.


When you’re trying to establish any sort of routine, consistency is key. It may be hard to get up extra early in the weekday, even with the spring sun poking through, but the more you stick at it, the easier it will become – not to mention the quicker you’ll see results.

Write up your work out sessions, plan out your days and stick to your routine; you’ll soon reap  the rewards of the dreaded morning workout routine and we bet you’ll even start to love the early morning burn.

Treat Yourself

If you’ve got something to look forward to as a reward for your hard work, then you’re more likely to stick to your goals and your early morning workout routine. Set your sights on something that you want and if you stick to your morning workouts for 28 days, treat yourself. Whether that’s a cheat meal, a new workout outfit or a sports massage to aid muscle recovery and mobility.

Above all, enjoy it. The more you grumble your way through and give a half-effort attempt as you wipe your bleary eyes, the less results you’ll see and the whole getting out of bed early thing will be vain.

Trust us, it will be worth it. Plus, you completely free up your evenings to do whatever you please. Win-win.

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