How to Strengthen Your Ankles

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Nothing is more frustrating than getting into the groove with your fitness schedule only to run into an injury and have to take a break in order to build yourself back up from scratch.

If you’ve found yourself needing to improve the strength of your ankles, then we’ve got some quick and easy moves that will help get you back on the road to to strengthen your ankles

Calf Raises

An easy one to start your day that you can do while you brush your teeth in the morning: stand with your feet shoulder width apart and slowly go up on to your tip toes, and slowly lower. Repeat these 10 times and after a few weeks you can move to doing one leg at a time – moves that encourage you to work on your balance also help to strengthen weak ankles.

Heel Walks

Most of the rehabilitation moves are pretty straight forward but require you to complete them in a controlled manner. With that in mind, stand up straight and roll up on to your heels then slowly walk forward for a few steps (on your heels) and return.

Plantar Flexion

Stretching is also a good way to improve the strength of your ankles. Simply extend your legs in front of you and slowly point your toes away from the knee, repeat a few even times on each foot.

Dorsi Flexion

Next, keep the same position as the plantar flexion but this time, pull your toes off the ground and towards the knee in the exact opposite move to what you’ve previously done. This is to get full movement in the ankle joint. Repeat a few even times on each foot.

Inversion Flexion

Point your toes inward, towards each other, and hold for a few seconds before releasing and repeating. As with the dorsi and plantar flexion, these moves will help with mobility in your ankles and help towards strengthening any weak areas.

Eversion Flexion

To finish the circuit of ankle flexions, point your toes away from each other and hold, then repeat.

Other moves that may help include:

  • Standing on one foot and holding the position for as long as you can. For added complexity, try it with your eyes closed; something that will make it harder to balance. Repeat for both legs but be very aware of your surroundings if your ankles are weak in case you lose your balance.
  • Stand on the edge of the stairs with your heels hanging off the edge and slowly lower your heel. You’ll also feel this stretch in your calf but it will help the surrounding muscles of the ankle.
  • Finish off with some ankle rolls. Stand on one leg and slowly move the ankle of the raised leg in a circular motion, repeat in the opposite direction and on both legs.
  • You can modify this move by sitting down and having your legs hang off the edge of a chair.

Weak Ankles and Exercise

If you’re prone to a sprained ankle or you’ve got weak ankles, then it’s important to take care when it comes to any type of exercise but particularly those that put the ankles under a lot of strain. If you do any plyometric moves (jumping moves) then be very careful when you land, aiming to land softly so your ankles don’t roll over. It’s better to slow your moves down as you return to exercise and in order to build the strength back up.

Above all, ensure your warm up properly and stretch after exercise and always wear proper footwear. If you’re in need of new trainers, go and get a gait analysis so you buy the right trainers for you.

If you need any extra advice with rehabilitation for weak ankles or any other areas of muscle pain, weakness or soreness, contact our friendly team today and we’ll help.

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