Who Should Get Sports Massages?

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Deep tissue massages and sports massage therapy has become more popular in recent years but there is still a common misconception that only particular people can benefit from a regular sports massage.

The truth is, massage therapy can help anyone and everyone; from novice gym goers to elite athletes, office workers, stay-at-home parents and everyone in between.

We take a look at how sports massage can help you.


Sports Massage and Elite Athletes

As you can imagine, elite athletes benefit greatly from regular sports massage. Their demanding schedules and rigorous training can put their joints and muscles under extreme pressure.

Having weekly sports massages help to loosen up tight muscles, avoid injury, and help to prepare their body for performance so you’ll find any athlete with a sports massage therapist in their arsenal.


Sports Massage and the Gym

Whilst sports massages were developed to help athletes when they push their body to the limit to help them recover quickly and help their performance, sports massages are not just for the elite sportspersons of the world.

If you’re a regular gym goer and are finding yourself with a niggling knee problem or seized up shoulder, a sports massage is a good choice for you.

Your therapist can free up the tension as well as talk you through moves to improve strength around weakened areas, and moves to avoid causing more damage.


Sports Massage and Office Workers

If you work nine to five and sit at a desk all day, you’ve likely developed poor posture and lazy glutes. Studies have shown that even regular working out doesn’t combat the dangers that come with quite literally sitting down all day.

Short of investing in a stand-up desk, there are other precautions you’ll need to take to prevent you from getting tension in your thoracic spine, curved and tense shoulders and tight hips and lazy glutes – the answer is, as you may have guessed by now, is sports massage therapy.

Your therapist will give your mobility and stability moves to help gain strength in the weak areas of your body, but the sports massage will also ease the muscles that have seized up through sitting in the same spot all day.


Sports Massage and Sedentary Lifestyle

You may think that by leading a sedentary lifestyle, you’d be averse to the need of a sports massage. This isn’t strictly true.

If you’ve ever gone from working out regularly to suddenly stopping, you may find that your body seizes up, or if you have muscle soreness, chronic pain or joint pain, including a restricted range of motion, sports massages can help alleviate your pain and get you back to fighting fit in no time.

Not moving your body enough can cause issues you may never have known before so it’s best to regularly move your body or it can seize up, just like a car.


Sports Massage and Injury

Sports massages are not just for tight or sore muscles, they can also help recover from injury – wherever you got the injury from.

Intense massages help flush lactic acid and waste from your muscles, which can help you recover faster thanks to the influx of oxygen-rich blood.

Sports massages can help prevent injury as well as treat them so don’t wait to book in for a deep-tissue massage, add this treatment to your weekly or monthly habits and you’ll see huge benefits and improvements.

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