What Can Sports Massages Help With?

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If you think that all massages are relaxing, you’d be wrong. Sports massages and massage therapy apply a lot of targeted pressure to tension points in your body – wherever you’re feeling pain – to help relieve discomfort, muscle soreness and joint pain.

The benefits of sports massages are vast but if you’re still not sure on whether massages are for you, here are just some of the improvements that you could see from regular massage therapy:


Improved Flexibility


Regular treatment can increase the elasticity of muscles and aid towards improving your flexibility. Whether you’re working out or working at a desk, muscles can seize up and get tight. Loosening up these muscles is a huge benefit of sports massage and so after just one session, you should see an improvement in your flexibility. If you keep up with regular sessions and add mobility into your rehabilitation, you’ll see notable differences.


Reduced Risk of Injury


If you’re an avid gym-goer but skip the all-important warm up and cool down, you may find that you’re more prone to injury. If so, having regular massage therapy treatment can help as the pressure of the stroke releases tension, and therefore inflammation around joints and key muscle groups. This helps the muscles recover after working out faster and helps towards avoiding injury.


Release Muscle Tension


You’ll notice this one almost instantly. As your therapist works through your tight muscles, they’ll be relieving tension and whilst at first this may feel uncomfortable, and you may be sore for a day or so afterwards (much like a workout), sports massages are great for getting movement back into tight and tense muscles.


Improve Posture


A huge benefit from regular massage treatment, particularly from your hips up to your neck, is that you will see great improvement in your posture. With that, you’ll feel more confident, look slimmer (from the way you’ll be holding your core), reduce the pressure on your hips and knees and improve your form when working out. If you work at a desk, this one is hugely important for you.


Boosted Circulatory System


As your therapist works through a session with you, they will use a range of techniques and pressure that will encourage the circulation in your body – which will benefit the cardiovascular system. The movements push oxygen around the body, which increases capillarisation – which is what supplies oxygen to the muscles to help remove carbon dioxide. An increase in oxygen means healthier muscles; essentially, massage increases the rate of blood flow back to the heart.

These are just some of the benefits that can be expected from regular treatment. As well as physical benefits, you can expect to see psychological and physiological benefits, ranging from physical pain reduction to decreases in anxiety.

Sports massages can be painful and uncomfortable at times, but no pain, no gain, right?


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