Posture Belts: Are They Worth It?

Posted By peakperformance

If you are chained to a desk all day and then hunched over your phone or tablet in the evening, it’s likely that – unless you’re making a big effort to sit correctly – your posture is pretty poor. Enter: posture belts.

We see countless clients that have structural issues that all stem from bad posture, or at least aren’t helped by their posture. So if you too find yourself with back, neck or chest pain, a curved spine, painful hips and much more then you may benefit from a postural belt.

What is a Posture Belt?

Posture belts or posture braces, as they are sometimes known, are a device designed to be worn for a few hours a day to help sufferers with bad posture.

These braces can hold your frame in place of its correct posture, keeping your shoulders, neck, and body upright. You’d be forgiven for thinking that they are an intrusive device but they can be subtly worn under your clothes.

Offering support to the weak areas of your body that are causing poor posture, a posture brace’s primary function is to hold you in the correct position, which in turn can alleviate tension in the muscles and can help you work towards good posture.

At first, you’ll see a big difference when you put the brace on or remove it; your shoulders and upper back will be pulled back or drop down retrospectively – you should see a huge difference over time, though. Your muscle memory will kick in, plus your muscles will be stronger (from additional exercises, not the brace) and this combined should keep your posture as it should be.

Why Do I Need a Posture Belt?

As mentioned, if you’ve got poor posture that you’re struggling to correct, a posture belt can be a supportive item in your physical rehabilitation or constant fight against posture.

A posture brace is good for you if you spend a lot of time hunched over a laptop; perhaps you curl up with a good book or are suffering from ‘text next’ – these are all valid reasons to get a posture support belt.

If you’re unsure on whether to invest in a posture belt, consult your physical therapist for more information. If you do think that you need a little extra support, there are a variety of prices, sizes and styles available to you and so you will be able to find one that works for you.

Do Posture Belts Work?

There are arguments for and against postural correction belts but as long as you use them as an addition to a treatment or rehabilitation plan. If your posture is bad and causing other issues in your body then you should absolutely be doing some exercises to strengthen your back and core muscles and help to prevent the spine curving and shoulders rolling forward.

It is a long fight against bad posture but it’s definitely one that will have long-lasting benefits for your body if you stick it out but it’s one of those situations where it won’t work if you don’t use it – same with any physical therapy, if you don’t invest the time and effort into making positive changes, you’re not going to improve.

If you do invest in a posture brace, be sure not to rely on it. Wear it for a few hours a day and include regular movements, stretches and strength exercises so the benefits will all work concurrently.

If you suffer from bad posture and are looking for ways to improve, get in touch with our friendly team for a consultation or check out our other helpful blogs for top tips on how to manage your posture and strengthen the supporting muscles.