The 10 Day Drop A Dress Size Jumpstart

Would You Like Us To Show You EXACTLY How We Help Busy Mums Live A Healthier Lifestyle AND Look Great?


Hey! Its Joe here from Peak Performance and I’m just letting you know the Fit Mums Project has opened the doors to the 10 Day Drop A Dress Size Jump-start!

Now I know you have been getting our emails and I REALLY hope you have found great value in these! So now I want to help you get even closer to reaching all of your goals and I know as a mum this is something incredibly challenging, when time certainly isn’t on your side and neither is life in general! So for a limited time only we are opening up the doors with 10 spaces available on our next programme.


Just so you have an idea of what to expect, here is a brief of what you can expect over the next 10 days:

  • 5 Sessions of group personal training with one of the team here at the project
  • Access to our propitiatory complete weight management system (developed by a NASA Scientist no less!)
  • Assessment and success session following the 10 days to review progress and make recommendations to further progress
  • Nutritional guidance (we literally walk you through how you are going to transform your diet effortlessly)
  • Ongoing support and weekly catch ups via phone to ensure strict progress
  • An absolute LAUGH! We believe the key to exercise adherence is FUN! And there’s going to be plenty of it!


We can also guarantee that if you follow the 10 day jump-start to the letter, you will come away from this with:

Higher self esteem

Higher motivation to reach your own personal goals

A system to succeed with diet no matter how many times you have failed in the past

An idea of what it takes to truly become healthy for life, not just for summer, spring.. or any other damn time of the year for that matter!


“Okay Joe, so I’m ready to change my life! How can I start??”

Book it quickly and easily through the portal below:

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