AGA Beauty & Massage

beauty therapy

Agata Cekliniak is all about beauty and relaxation, she’s the one you need to see for all your relaxation and beauty needs.

Agata has been practicing for many years now, growing an ever successful beauty and massage business.

Her dream was to open a beauty and massage salon in the UK and she did it. Her salon at Peak Performance is a small, but cozy salon with a unique atmosphere.

Although this is an unusual salon, it is created with passion and heart. The salon is equipped with reputable and professional Arkana cosmetics – based on modern formulations. Treatments with the use of cosmetics apparatus available in the salon and many years of experience give you 100% of satisfaction and safety.

All of the equipment is constantly exchanged for brand new models, along with the cosmetological progress in order to provide you with the highest standards of service and satisfaction with treatments.

Moreover, we systematically introduce new cosmetics treatments to our offer. When you decide to visit the salon, you will get service of the highest level and access to modern beauty treatments at discounted prices. Aga ensures an individual and professional approach to every problem, as well as free advice and consultations.

To find out more about AGA’s promotional deals on massage and beauty treatments, contact 07476407770 today!