Book A Sports Massage In Southampton

Our massage therapists are dedicated to delivering first-class treatments at our clinic in Southampton.

Attracting clients from across the city, Peak Performance Rehab specialise in wellness and fitness. Our expert massage therapists can deliver treatment tailored to your needs to speed up your recovery time.

We come highly recommended on Trip Advisor and are renowned for our deep and effective massages using such techniques pumping, which improves blood flow, and stretching to release built-up tension in the muscles .

Whether you’ve suffered a repetitive strain injury at work or a painful sports injury playing football, our massage therapists in Southampton offer highly effective treatments.

Sports massages are not only great for treating injuries but can help athletes achieve a higher range of movement; they’re also great for your mental health since massages can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. This is because they release tensions in the muscles and are highly relaxing.

Furthermore, they can alleviate repetitive strain injuries from using digital technology. Many people suffer from back pain due to craning over looking at smart phones and laptops. Unsurprisingly, this is a growing problem all over the UK.

To get in touch with our massage therapists in Southampton, simply contact us on 07840074288.