Deep Tissue Massage

If you are doing a lot of training, you will probably end up with some aches and pains, which if not taken care of, can become quite debilitating. Although it is, of course, important to stretch, it is also important to take good care of your muscles after your training and a deep tissue massage is a great way to release any tension in your muscles. With a deep tissue massage, you will be getting rid of all those knots and kinks, which can cause a lot of pain and this is where we can help, at Peak Performance Rehab.

What we do

We offer a range of fitness and well-being services and this includes the deep tissue massage. We know that everyone likes their massage to be different. Some people prefer it to be as rough as possible, while others like a more gentle approach and we are happy to tailor your massage to suit your needs. We have a lot of experience in providing deep tissue massages for those who train frequently and if you are in need of some fitness rehab, we are here to help.

Get in touch

To find out more about our deep tissue massage or any of our other services, just give us a call on 07840 074 288 or to book directly, you can do this from our website.