Need a Sports Massage in Southampton?

If you’re based in Southampton and need a sports massage, Peak Performance Rehab have got you covered.

Muscle soreness from sports usually develops 12-24 hours after the activity and can be extremely painful.

A sports massage has numerous benefits, including the fact it improves relaxation, produces minimal muscle tension and can lead to a higher range of movement. At Peak Performance, we regularly carry out deep massages at our clinic in Southampton.

Sports massages can also improve scar tissues and lead to a better recovery, thanks to raising blood circulation the affected area. A massage can also lead to mitochondrial development which is the powerhouse of the muscles.

Improve your mood along with your mobility.

The psychological effects of a massage are also profound and can reduce depression and anxiety. They are an excellent way to manage stress and delay soreness. In short, a sports massage is excellent for both your psychological and physiological health.

Our massages are also ideal for anybody who’s suffered an injury at work. Whether you’re suffering from back pain or have spent too much time craning your neck, our massages could be highly effective.

We promise you’ll leave feeling reinvigorated after one of our treatments.

Book a sports massage in Southampton today.