Need A Sports Massage Therapist In Southampton?

Stressed out, have a painful injury or suffering from a low mood? There are many reasons to visit our sports massage therapists in Southampton.

Sports massages aren’t just ideal for those who do strenuous exercise. They’re also great for anybody with muscle tension from stress, those with back pain from doing an office job or anyone with poor posture.

These types of massages have been found to regulate mood and bring fresh oxygenated blood to the muscles, improving your well-being. This makes them a great idea for anybody suffering from anxiety.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, play sport locally or work at an office in Southampton, Peak Performance offer the finest quality sports massages to meet your needs. Based on Union Road, we welcome people from all over the city to enjoy our treatments. We also offer mobile and in-house personal training to keep you in shape.

Get yourself on the road to recovery.

Our therapists will always tailor sports massages to meet your unique requirements. They use a variety of techniques to ease away your strains, including pumping, kneading and stretching. We want you to leave feeling completely invigorated and refreshed, with the pain from any injuries significantly reduced.

To book your massage, simply get in touch today.