Do You Need Treatment For A Sports Injury?

Recovering from sports injuries can take a long time, but convalescence can be reduced with the right type of treatment.

Whether you’re suffering from a frozen shoulder, tennis elbow or ankle sprain, Peak Performance can offer treatments tailored to your needs.

Located in Southampton, our services include sports massages using a variety of techniques. This type of massage is great for not only injuries but for general relaxation. They are well-known for reducing stress, depression and anxiety.

Recommended by previous customers on Trip Advisor, our sports massage clinic in Southampton is ideal for highly effective injury rehabilitation.

Peak Performance Rehab can offer treatment for injuries, from those affecting the shoulders, elbows wrists and hands, to the knees, hips, ankles and feet. We can also treat general issues like SI Joint dysfunction which is a common cause of back pain, along with neck and shoulder pain or general muscular tightness.

Peak Performance Rehab attract people from all over Southampton who need injury rehabilitation. For treatments to be effective, it’s important to address them as soon as possible along with having ongoing rehabilitation. We will always assess you as an individual, taking into account the fact everybody’s body is different.

If you’re worried about a sports injury, why not get in touch today?