Searching for Experienced Massage Therapists in Southampton?

Specialising in wellness and recovery, Peak Performance Rehab has highly skilled massage therapists that work throughout Southampton.

Our hard-working massage therapists can help to resolve all types of muscular pain, helping to speed up your recovery and get you back in action. Whatever problem you might be having, we always listen closely and respond to your requirements.

Whether you suffered an injury at work or have strained a muscle playing football, we welcome people from all over Southampton. We have a dedicated team who love putting clients on the road to recovery. Our team can also educate you on pain and injury prevention.

Why choose our sports massage therapists in Southampton?

All our therapists are highly qualified and work using a variety of techniques, including pumping, stroking and stretching. Before treatment, we will carry out a full assessment to ensure we provide the best assistance possible.

Our massages are not only brilliant for your physical health but renowned for reducing levels of depression and anxiety. We look to help patients both in the short-term and long-term.

You’ll find us based on Union Road where we deliver a wide range of treatments.

To get in touch with our massage therapists in Southampton, simply call 07840074288.