Seeking Sports Injury Treatments in Southampton?

Has your summer in Southampton been blighted by a sports injury?

A sports injury can put you out of action for weeks, at worst months. The most common injuries include hip flexor strains, ACL tears or strains, groin pulls, shin splints, sciatica (a type of back pain common with people who perform trunk rotation in swing sports like golf and tennis.), hamstring strains, tennis or golf elbow and shoulder injuries.

Patellofemoral is also highly common, one of the most widely diagnosed knee injuries which cause radiating pain along with numbness, burning and tingling down the leg.

Peak Performance Rehab delivers a wide range of sports injury treatments at our clinic in Southampton, including expert massages.

Our sports massage therapists are true experts in treating all kinds of injuries. They can significantly speed up your recovery time and help you get back in action. Our clinic in Southampton is ideal for both athletes and non-professional sports players, along with anybody who’s suffered an injury at home or work.

In order to treat any injury, the individual has to be committed to treatment. We can offer all the expert advice needed to reduce levels of pain and encourage recovery.

For more information on our treatments in Southampton, simply contact us today.