Sports Massage Therapist

Affordable sports massage therapist

Nothing is quite as frustrating as training for an event only to be met with an injury. After all the hard work that you’ve put into training, it can be debilitating and frustrating when your body starts to work against you.

When an injury strikes, it’s vital to get it treated as soon as possible to prevent set backs and further damage. Whilst painkillers, rest and cold compresses can ease the pain, a sports massage can get to the root of the problem and restore the damage done.

At Peak Performance Rehab, we are expert sports massage therapists who have treated various sports related injuries. From bad backs and joints, to tight calf muscles and torn ligaments, we have experience working in with an array of injuries.

When you choose us, we will take the time to understand your injury and use the right methods to get you back in working order. Sometimes a sports massage can be painful, however we will always go at your pace and work with you every step of the way.

For a sports massage that will get you back on your training schedule in no time, book today via our online booking system.