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Peak Performance Wellness & rehab was founded by sports massage therapist and fitness enthusiast Joe Searle. Having worked in various different gym environments over the years, alongside operating a mobile business Joe has refined his skills always looking for new and effective ways to treat people’s ailments.

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Having studied the level 3 personal trainer & sports massage certifications at Brockenhurst college, Joe has since gone on to build the business from the ground up. Peak performance specialises in pain and injury management/treatment, providing high levels of care for all kinds of individuals, not all necessarily active. From office workers to elite level athletes, peak performance therapy & rehab’s sports massage treatments are the forefront of the business.

Having developed a strong knowledge base of physical rehabilitation as a personal trainer, Joe is able to offer his clients ongoing services. These come in the form of physical rehab, offering rehabilitative exercise advice and providing treatment after-care. Joe has also attended seminars and workshops over the 4 years he has operated his business, always staying up to date with current techniques and treatments.

Peak performance also offers other services which compliment the sports massage treatments. This includes a private training studio with trained professionals and even complementary therapies as well.

Sports massage is rapidly growing in popularity and for good reason. The effectiveness of sports massage far surpasses many other less traditional treatments, complimentary and otherwise. There is scientific evidence to back this up and as such, treatment at Peak Performance is taken back to its roots. Now this means that it is not relaxing and certainly is not very comfortable, this is not the idea. The sports massage that Peak Performance provides and focused and deep tissue.

Very often issues are not superficial, but instead deep within the tissues and hard to get to without significant pressure. Treatment will ALWAYS be within your tolerance levels and there is constant communication with the client and therapist at all times.

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