Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Wear shorts if you are having your legs massaged or if you have lower back issues. Otherwise just wear comfortable clothes.

What Should I expect from the treatment?

Sports massage is not relaxing and it can be quite painful. However, it is extremely effective and is a great way to treat injuries and ailments. You can expect bruising post treatment as well however this will clear after a few days. If you bruise badly there is a chance you are more prone to inflammation, this is not necessarily a good or bad thing so don’t worry it will clear soon!

If I am late do I still get the full session?

No. We often have clients booked most of the day so your time cannot be extended.

If I cancel last minute what happens then?

If you fail to show on the day or do not give at least 24h notice, you will be charged for the session regardless of whether it is your first session or a follow up session. If in the very unlikely case the therapist fails to show due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be offered another booking or your money back. The only exceptions in cancelling a booking is if you are very ill or have a personal emergency to attend to.

Where can I park?

There is free parking available directly opposite the clinic and also to the side. Our car park is sign posted, but both are free to park as long as needed.

Can discount vouchers be used more than once?

No. Vouchers cannot be brought more than once, nor can they be used in conjunction with any other offers. We receive a small cut from these and are a way for you to see if sports massage can help. We trained for a long time and paid our dues to help you, so please understand why we cannot allow this 🙂