Fit Mum Project Group Personal Training

group personal training

Keeping fit nowadays is becoming more and more flexible, meaning even those who have a limited budget now have an option when it comes to keeping fit. There was once a time when keeping fit meant you had to pay a hefty fee for a gym pass, or be something of a lone wolf while attending the gym. As expected, this often result in people not having the money to keep fit, or simply not wanting to go the gym alone. This can be attributed as to why group personal training is quickly gaining traction in the world of keep fit.

Our Group personal training is designed with mums in mind, and can be a great way to make new friends while ensuring you meet your personal goals in relation to your fitness. Not only will you have the encouragement of your trainer, but also the rest of the group, meaning motivation is in abundance when attending the Fit Mum Project group personal training.


Plenty of Variety

You would be forgiven for thinking that group personal training is something of a repetitive class, but nothing could be further from the truth. As well as offering great value-for-money, a Fit Mum Project group personal training class can also come in many forms. Whether you’re looking to drop a dress size or two, or even regain that confidence you had pre-pregnancy, you can be confident that there is a class that suits your needs.

Similarly, you may just want to try something new, and you will find plenty of choice that will allow you to broaden your horizons, as well as stay fit.


Give Support to Others

It’s not only yourself you’re able to help when attending Fit Mum Project group personal training, but also others within the class. While it’s nice to get support when we need it, we can also help keep morale high by ensuring we spurring on other members of the group.


Benefit Your Mind as Well as Your Body

Many people find that they are unable to work out alone, and often forgo exercise at the fear of feeling uncomfortable. We can soon become set in our ways, and before long we’re often feeling down as we’re not meeting our goals. While you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, you should consider taking up group personal training, as it can help you more than you think. As well as helping you meet your physical goals, group personal training allows you to build connections with people and enjoy a more social aspect of keeping fit. In this regard, many find that meeting their exercise goals is much easier due to the additional support they get.

Fit Mum Project Features:

  • Female only training environment
  • Child Friendly – Bring them along while you train!
  • private training facility
  • 3 – 4 training sessions per week
  • Only a maximum of 4 people in a group
  • A nutritional tracking app and nutritional blueprint + ongoing support and guidance
  • Movement screening to ensure optimum training results
  • Body measurements and progression tracking



  • Have a LOT of fun and get results simultaneously
  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Drop your dress size and measurements
  • More Energy day to day for the important things
  • Skyrocketed confidence levels
  • A completely changed lifestyle and outlook on health

group personal training


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