Personal Training

Most people know what personal training is all about…

But not everyone knows the dramatic impact it can have on their life!

Peak Performance therapy and rehab now offers a personal training service with serious value.

If you are looking to either:

  • Reduce your recovery times dramatically
  • Get back to a healthy weight and prevent joint and muscular pain
  • Develop a long term success blueprint for your health AND nutritional goals
  • Regain confidence in training on your own and even at the gym
  • Have someone hold you accountable for your own healthy lifestyle
  • Develop healthy habits and a mindset which stands the test of time

Then this is most DEFINITELY for YOU!

But Isn’t Personal Training Really Expensive?

Not necessarily!

At Peak Performance you will have access to exercise programmes, massage twice per month, two one-to-one sessions EVERY week, 1 Skype accountability call every week, eating plans and a trial run on our highly popular SYNERGY product PROARGI-9 which has documented incredible results since its inception..

All of this for no more than £280 per month which is a £120 SAVING!

So I guess it depends on what you really value as to whether you would call it expensive.