Thai Massage


You may or may not know about what Thai Massage entails, but I think you will be surprised one way or the other.

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient system with its roots in Yoga, Ayuvedic medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice.

This unique and complete system of Yoga therapy combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching and meditation.

What Are The Benefits Of Thai Massage?

The benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Released tension
  • increased vitality
  • wholeness of mind, body and spirit
  • improved circulation

Thai massage invigorates many parts of your body, carried out in a deeply relaxing environment where you can literally drift off!

Treatment is available to ladies and gentlemen, provided by our fully qualified and native practitioner Amanya, who qualified at Wat Po medical school in Bangkok.

Amanya is also  a member of the guild of complimentary practitioners with a wealth of experience in the field of Thai Massage.


Price List and Treatments Available


Aromatherapy Massage
A relaxing treatment of Aromatherapy massage
Thai Massage With Oil
A relaxing thai massage using oils.
Traditional Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Massage treatment.
Thai Foot Massage
Very relaxing foot massage, Thai Style!
Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
30 minutes of pure massage relaxation for the upper body.
Facial Massage
30 minute facial, Thai Style!


What Next?

If you would like to experience the vast benefits of Thai Massage here at Peak Performance, take advantage of the 50% discount for first time customers below.

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